Why did you choose Dana Palmer?

“Thank you for making my yard look so good all year round.” – Jeannie Q.
“Hot water heating being changed. I’m gonna start referring to you as Detective Dana! Ha!” – Terry T.
“Just want to say “thank you.” Our yard has improved so much since you started working on it. We’re looking forward to spring and summer.” – Jamie S.
“Thank you, Dana, for your help and advice this past year (and every year)! We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy & healthy new year!” – Danny and Eileen N.
“Thank you for the great service all the time! We appreciate you!” -A.L.
“Dana Palmer has been caring for my yards for 15+ years. He has always done an excellent job. He is a very compassionate person. I can ask him any question and he knows the answer. Thank you Dana for your excellent care.” -Ruth R.
“Thank you for all your efforts!” -Ray H.
“Dana, thank you so much!” – Jerry S.
“Dana, thanks so much for taking care of our lawn. You serviced our home in the country for many years and now you are still keeping us with a beautiful green yard. I appreciate the good work that you do.” – Pat S.
“Thank you for your help! I think my lawn is getting so much more uniform, healthy, and lush than ever!” – Lynda G.
“Thanks for killing weeds, too!” – Gail M.
“Thanks for a beautiful yard! You do an excellent job.” – Barbara P.
“Thank you again, Dana, for being so persistent!” – Sue M.
“Thanks my yard is really look good!” – Celeste P.
“Thanks, Dana – our yard looks amazing – even the backyard!” – Judy W.
“I do want to thank you for providing your expert opinion for me to not continue overseeding my lawn. That decision saved me money not you. I appreciate your honesty in giving advice. I would give you five stars for sure. This is the second home that you have cared for my lawn. I often got comments on how healthy and lush my lawn was.” – Gayle M.
“Dana Palmer Co. has taken care of our lawn for 25 years and I have never had a complaint. Dana Palmer is extremely professional and knowledgeable.” – Pat Q.
“Dana Palmer has been taking care of our lawn for several years. You are an expert at re-seeding, grub treatment, and summer and winter weed control. We have never had to worry about our lawn since you have taken care of it all these years. We recommend you without reservation!!!” – Hal and Dorotha S.
“Dana knows what he is doing, I would tell anyone to use him. He overseeded my lawn with fescue and about 80% of the seed came up. That’s what he said it would do. I am very pleased with Dana and would give him 5 stars.” – Charles S.
“We started using Dana Palmer in 2018 and have been totally impressed by his work ethic and deep level of knowledge about keeping a great lawn on the High Plains of Texas. Problems we had with herbicides, weed control, and irrigation scheduling just seemed to disappear. I think we are saving more on reduced inputs than the cost of having an experience and well trained lawn care professional services. I would recommend him highly on both mature and new lawns. (5 stars)” – Dick A.
“The easiest beautiful yard we’ve ever had. Dana Palmer delivers.” –  Andy & Nicky A.
“Thank you for all you’ve done, Dana!” –  Lindy F.
“We Love Dana Palmer! Dana is professional, very helpful, very caring, and can explain everything so we understannd – but I don’t even need that because I trust Dana Palmer to know what he’s doing + how to do it and when to do it! No Stress! and he shows up!” –  Judy L.
“Thank you for turning our yard into part of our home.  All the best.” –  Katie & Tino & Fam
“Dana – Sorry I don’t do all that Google & on-line stuff.  But you are definitely a 5 star company!  Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to You & Yours.” – Jim M.
“I’ve been a customer since 1984 or 1985.  He has kept my lawns healthy and beautiful for 35 years.  Dana is trustworthy and I know I can count on his expertise and dependability.  Thank you Dana.” – Sherry A.
“”Dana, my cousin Steve Reid is one of your newest clients.  He is new to Lubbock (most recently from CA) and needs your kind of care for a new lawn, and different climate.  Thanks for taking him on!” – Pat M.
“Dana, your company is at the top!  Thanks for taking care of our lawn for many years, it looks great!” Jay S.
“Dana Palmer is the best in the world.  Dana is so caring and compassionate and great at what he does.  We are amazed with all his knowledge each and every time he helps us with his brilliant mind.  I mean it. Dana is reliable, on time, knows what he is doing and when to do it and how to do it.  He’s tops!  He’s a keeper!” – The Loewy’s
“Thanks so much for your excellent service. My lawn is the best for the past 20 years.  People are always commenting on how great my lawn looks.  Looking forward to another 20 years of service.” – Diane D.
“Dana- to thank you for many (16?) year so of taking care of the reseeding and checmical applications in my yard and for your advice when I have asked.  All I have to do is follow your easy instructions.  It truly is one thing I just don’t have to worry about.  – Pat H.
“Thank you – lawn looks better than it has in years!” – D’aun
“Dana Palmer is an expert on lawns and lawn care.  He does the lawn applications himself.  If there is a potential problem, he sees it and corrects it before it can spread.  My lawn is beautiful – thanks to Mr. Palmer.  I highly recommend the Dana Palmer Co.” – Sarah B.
“Our yard has never looked better since Dana Palmer has been involved with our lawn care.  Very professionally done.” – Barbara P.
“Dana, thank you so much for taking care of our lawn these many years. We certainly give you a five star rating!  Hal took care of the yard and was very perfect doing it. So, after health and age became a problem, it has been so nice to have you doing it for him.  We hope you will continue doing it for us for many years to come!” Hal & Doratha S.
“Dana, I would like to comment on your services. There is no other rating other than five stars. My lawn was full Bermuda when you started treating it. The overseeding completely covered areas that were getting thin and my yard looks better than ever. My neighbor recently asked me why I did not have weeds. I told them [it was] because of your treatments.” -Don G.
“You have been fertilizing my yard since 2001. That was the year that I nearly burned up my yard by fertilizing and the expected rain did not come. I appreciate you, your knowledge and your professional courtesy.” -Sara M.
“We are sending you a 6-star rating for taking such good care of our lawn for so many years. It is so nice to to have our lawn when needed. We are grateful for your schedule for taking care of our lawn. Thank you for being our lawn care company.” -Hal & Dorotha S.
“No one better than Dana. Super knowledgeable about what a yard needs. Always there when he says he will be which he lets you know ahead of time. The best equipment I have seen and our yard could not look better!” -Tom K.
“Thank you for making the yard look so great.” -Kathy A.
“T“We have used Dana Palmer’s lawn care for many years. He does a fantastic job!! Our own always looks great and no weeds!! I appreciate his advice and comments about the care of our lawn.” -James M.
“Thank you for caring for our lawn. It is stronger than it has ever been!!” -Merle D.
“You are doing ‘good things” for me. Again, thank you for doing the second poisoning to my nut grass. Also, thank you so much for all the wonderful and information you have given me regarding my lawn. Again though, I have really appreciated your patience and useful help.” -Virginia C.
“We have depended on Dana for years – and he is indeed dependable. We have recommended him to many – and everyone is pleased. Out two dachshunds supervise his work from the windows, and would give him two thumbs up, if they had thumbs.” -Mike M.
“Dana, my yard never looked better. Thanks!” -Don G.
“I did give you a five-star rating because you are the best!” -Jim M.
“I do highly recommend you to my friends and acquaintances.” -Don P.
“Dana, the lawn is absolutely beautiful, like a carpet of green. My husband raves about it and calls it a ‘pleasure to mow.’ We are proud of how it enhances our home. Thank you for your expertise in lawn care.” -Barbara K
“Thanks, Dana. We really appreciate your excellent care for our yard.” -Josh and Paige
“Something interesting; I have been putting rubber tree guards around [my] tree trunks for many years, as you suggested, on yard mowing days to protect my trees and then I remove them [on] the same day. This year for the first time my newer yardman was very offended that I do this as none has ever done that to him as he has been doing yard work since he was nine years old. To this day, the tree guards continue to go on my trees on yard days. I thought it was funny as I taught him something new.” -Robbie K.
“I just wanted to say thank you for the time that you took care of our yard in Lubbock and that I miss your services immensely. We have St. Augustine grass here and I know very little if anything about it (it’s not looking very good). I suppose that I will muddle thru but I sure wish there was a Dana Palmer in Graham, TX.” – Jan
“We love our lawn, that’s why we use Dana Palmer.” – Susan
“Dana kills the toughest weeds and the nastiest insects.” – Joe
“Dana Palmer’s the only one who loves your lawn more than you do.” – Jan
“Dana knows what it takes to make our lawn green and healthy.” – Shelagh
“I really appreciate the envelope and billing statement. Thank you, and your beautifully landscaped yard and flowers.” – Marjorie M.
“Dana, Thanks for the great care you give my lawn! I’ve given your name to several of my neighbors.” – Frank S.
“Thank you for your superb service. It’s been a rough summer with the heat!” – Cathy H.
“Mr. Palmer came to our rescue when a not-so knowledgeable yard person killed all seen with an overdose of pre-emergent. One year later our yard is thick, green, and improving every summer. Mr. Palmer always comes when he says he will, and we consider him an expert on all lawn issues.” – Karla W.
“Appreciate your work, thank you!” – Denise B.
“Thank you for taking such good care of my lawn. It is a pleasure seeing what a beautiful lawn can be. Your professional help and guidance have been a blessing to me throughout my learning curve and prolonged drought. My sincere thanks for your willingness to look after me and my lawn. Merry Christmas!” – Kathy R.
“Thanks Dana! It looks as green as Ireland over here!” – Terry
“Thank you for keeping us GREEN Dana!” – Dan
“Thanks for great work! A salesman walking the neighborhood told me I had the best yard in the neighborhood – told him it was your work. The man who mows and trim bushes said mine was the best lawn he mows. He even put a picture of the backyard on his website. Thanks very much for your help.” – Ben
“I appreciate your efficient service and especially your expert knowledge knowing how to take care of my yard. My landlord has decided to pay a company to fertilize her properties. Therefore, I very much regret to say I will need to discontinue having your service. If the time comes and my landlord stops using a fertilizing company, I will employ you. Also, if Tom and I buy a house, I want you to service our yard. You have been commendable to work with! I hope you continue with your business success.” – Diane
“Thank you Dana! We get compliments on our yard with much credit to your dedicated land work and efforts. We appreciate your help in keeping our yard healthy and safe for our kids to play.” – Casey
“Thank you so much for getting down top dressing before the rain, which is exactly how you intended it. Also, thank you for treating weeds. I appreciate all of your efforts through the years.” – Gail
“If you want a quality lawn, use Dana Palmer. If you have a small or large lot, Mr. Palmer’s knowledge and advice will help you. My husband and I wasted money on fertilizers, pulled weeds, and had a pitiful-looking lawn for years. When we started using Dana Palmer our lawn went from one of the worst to one of the best on the block. It is an investment in your property. You will be happy you did it.” – Michael and Melissa
“Thank you for your work!” – Bruce
“Thanks for the green, nice yard!” – Kye
“Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I am so grateful that Mr. Palmer agreed to take care of my lawn. It looks better than when I did it myself. Mr. Palmer is punctual, articulate, thorough, extremely reliable, and easy to contact. The chemicals he uses are safe, and I’ve never had any problems with sick plants, animals, or people. He is also very knowledgeable about lawn care and shares tips and suggestions often. Many thanks.” – Kathy
“Dana Palmer is the best! He knows what he’s doing, Dana does a great job. He is caring, compassionate, and he shows up! What a concept! Dana cares about people and cares about helping. I always gave Dana a million stars!” – Judy L.
“Your kindness is appreciated very much. I mean it! May you and yours enjoy a healthy, happy, and safe new year!” – Judy L.