Organic Based Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer


The organic-based fertilizer that I am applying to your lawn is custom-made to my specifications. This particular fertilizer is built for our Lubbock soils. Lubbock area soils are naturally high in pH and low in organic matter due to our low rainfall and desert-like conditions. Our unique soil conditions require many different fertilizers than soils in high rainfall areas that have considerably lower pH and much higher levels of iron, manganese, zinc, etc.



  1. Slow-release sulfur to add nutrition and help reduce our soil’s high pH.
  2. Increased levels of iron, manganese, zinc which become tied up in our high-pH soils.
  3. The iron-sucrate source is non-staining.
  4. The organic carbon-based portion of my fertilizer is derived from composted sources.
  5. Slow release nitrogen–50% will feed your lawn all season-long
  6. Slow release sulfur–50% will feed your lawn all season-long (breaking down all summer)
  7. Available Phosphate
  8. Soluble Potash
  9. Boron
  10. Copper
  11. Molybdenum



  • Nitrogen–quick green-up that will not last.