Effective Tree Treatment

Organic-based-fertilizer-1ZylamLiquidsmIn 2013, due to homeowner request, I will begin treating trees for scale, aphids, borers, and other insects. I will be using a new insecticide called Zylam®, which was just released in 2011 and has the capability of controlling a vast number of insects which are known to infest our trees, thereby keeping contamination away from any other part of your lawn. Zylam® is from a new class of chemistry that has a low toxicity and low odor.

No more spraying high up into the tree or drilling holes into the tree trunks.

I will be using Zylam® in March and April (only), prior to the onset of heavy insect reproduction. I cannot treat any fruit-bearing tree such as pecan with this product. If interested, please click “Zylam® liquid” for more information.

When healthy, trees can tolerate many insect problems. Advise weather such as drought and water restrictions create conditions in which the trees cannot fight off insect attacks. Scale insects particularly on oak trees have been extremely heavy in our area and appear to be getting progressively worse. If you have a red oak or a live oak, you potentially have scale insect problems.

Trees over 15 years old may require 2-3 weeks for Zylam® to absorb into the tree. Heavy honeydew falling from the tree canopy is a sign to you that insects are sucking sugars, nutrients, and energy from your trees. The Zylam® treatment will be needed once per year to eliminate your current insect problems and to stop your neighbor’s trees from infesting your trees with their insect problems.

If you are interested in having me diagnose your tree insect and sap problems, please contact me.